• 17th April 2014

    Stay tune for the exciting trips ahead for 2014!!!  (Dubai, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand and more)
    - 17 Apr 2014
  • 16th April 2014

    - Warm welcome to Samuel and Juliet to be part of Eden Cube Organisation
    - 16 Apr 2014
  • 10th April 2014

    " You can build a successful career, regardless of the you field of endeavor by the dozens of little things you do on and off the job."  - Zig Ziglar
    - 10 Apr 2014
  • 2nd April 2014

    Congrats to Nur Azimah, who is rewarded USD$500 for achieving all the 4 medals at the 2013 Mid-Year Rally
    - 02 Apr 2014
  • 1st April 2014

    Congrats to Jun Jie receiving his 1st Management award at his 1st Rally with Eden Cube!!!
    - 01 Apr 2014
  • 21st March 2014

    1st sports day of 2014!!! Time to gear up in our sports attire on the 2nd April 2014.
    - 21 Mar 2014
  • 15th March 2014

    Eden Cube have started to gear for our Mid-Year rally at Marriott Hotel on the 1st April 2014. Its time to cerebrate!!!
    - 15 Mar 2014
  • 4th March 2014

    "Each close you use should be an educational process by which you are able to raise the value in the prospect's mind." Zig Ziglar
    - 04 Mar 2014
  • 20th Feb 2014

    Looking for the exclusive Taiwan Trip with our Directors of the organization  on the 3rd April 2014 Will you be going?
    - 20 Feb 2014
  • 10th Feb 2014

    Congrats to our champions Cheng hui, Ronald Lim, Rennie and Jen with our  director jeric koh.
    - 10 Feb 2014
  • 6th Feb 2014

    Gong Xi Fai Cai!!
    - 06 Feb 2014
  • 30th Jan 2014

    Time for mid year rally at Marriott Hotel - 1st April 2014  Who will be walking away with all the 4 medals?
    - 30 Jan 2014
  • 20th Jan 2014

    Its time for Yacht Party!!! All set for the exciting for our top performance stars to spend a day the yacht with our top directors! Who will be going?
    - 20 Jan 2014
  • 10th Jan 2014

    Looking out to catch our 1st trip in 2014 at Malaysia!!!
    - 10 Jan 2014
  • 1st Jan 2014:

    Happy New Year!!!
    - 01 Jan 2014

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Eden Cube Marketing Group is the leading provider of below-the-line marketing solutions for reputable companies around the region.

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We provide face-to-face marketing solutions to our clients from over 10 industries including telecommunications, financial services, broadband, fundraising , home efficiency and our own range of consumer products.

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A day of footie fun

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